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Buy realistic male sex doll from us. I am John is one of the finest pilots. He is good-looking too. Many girls are lining up to his flight just to see him. He was never very good at talking to women and even worse at keeping one! I gave her some basic pointers and made her change some distracting habits.

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Default Specifications

  • Bald head with a wig
  • No body hair (armpit, chest, abdomen and pubic): options are available for hair implantation
  • Height: 5’9” / 176 cm
  • Net weight: 123 Ibs / 56 kg
  • Shoulder width: 1’6″ / 47 cm
  • Chest: 3’3″ / 98 cm
  • Waist: 2’9″ / 85 cm
  • Hips: 3’3″ / 99 cm
  • Thigh circumference: 2’0″ / 55 cm
  • Foot Length: 10,6″ / 27 cm

His Love

  • Oral depth: /
  • Penis length (erect): 9.8″ / 25 cm (big) – 5.9″ / 15 cm (small)
  • Penis length (flaccid): 9.8″ / 25 cm (big) – 5.9″ / 15 cm (small)
  • Anal depth: 6.7″ / 17 cm


  • Head: Silicone
  • Body: Silicone

The doll is sold without any of the clothes and accessories / jewels shown in the photos.

Some product pictures are taken with paid options such as hair implants, realistic body painting or blue/red skin colors. Those paid options are usually not included in the default version of the doll and you may need to pay a supplement to get them.

Photographers sometimes use their own wigs during photoshoots. As such it is not always possible to get the exact same wig as displayed on the product pictures. Please refer to the wig section on this product page to know which wig model is available for your doll.


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